Carroll: Berserk

Carroll: Berserk is the research and development production that lead us to Carroll: Berserkur. 

An original devised piece which blurs the boundaries between reality and the fiction of Alice's Wonderland.

The landscape of Carroll's storytelling created an interesting base for the physical and experimental style of our company, embracing his nonsense, playfulness and rhythmical style. We emphasized the role of identity within Carroll's writing.

Alice grows and shrinks as she is confronted with creatures and events from her own life that are playfully represented through the colorful characters from Lewis Carroll's literature. We devised from our own Identity, and events from the author's life, to tell the stories of different Alices.

Performed at the Drayton Arms Theatre in London August 2014.

Looking forward to seeing where you take this gem in the future!
— Drayton Arms Theatre, Audience Feedback
A must!
— Drayton Arms Theatre, Audience Feedback
Compelling piece of physical theatre
— Drayton Arms Theatre, Audience Feedback
Very Unique and Weird Show
— The Vaults, London

Leading Director
Eva Solveig
Henrietta Kristensen
Anna Korolainen
Bergdís Júlía Jóhannsdóttir
Stage Manager
Sam Knight
Lighting Design
Baruch Shpigelman
Set Design
Rachael Ryan
Mask Design
Rachael Ryan

Costume Design
Lúcía Sigrún
Pekka Koivisto
Sound Design
Ella Wahlström
Assistant Designer
Niamh Orr
Assistant Devising
Paul Matania
Simon Dodd Wild
Adam El-Sharawy

Bergdís Júlía Jóhannsdóttir
Anna Korolainen
Henrietta Kristensen
Queen of Hearts
Robin Paley Yorke
Eva Solveig
White Rabbit/ Lewis Carroll
Josh Spriggs

A short trailer inspired by our theme of Identity, featuring Bergdís Júlía Jóhannsdóttir as Alice, and our original composed music by Pekka Koivisto.

Brought to you by
The Finnish Church in London, The Seaman's Church, Theatre Delicatessen, Kristín Edda Gylfadóttir, Thomas Wilson, Jonathan Grieve, James El-Sharawy, Suvi Kemppainen, Michael Eckett, Anssi & Ilona, Agnar Stefánsson, Hildur Jónsdóttir, Lisbeth Splawn, Fríða Bergsdóttir, Unnur Gylfadóttir, Melissa-Kelly Franklin and Neil Saunders.