Through the support of Evropa Unga Folksins Erasmus+ we are traveling between European institutes to offer free physical theatre training focused on the Self, devising and expanding the performer's vocal range and movement qualities.


We launched the workshop series The Performer and the Self at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland tomorrow where our student met us at the Wallace Studio.

Scenic designer Hallveig Eiríksdóttir has joined us for the workshops to expand the performer's knowledge of scenic design and the way it can support the character and storytelling. 

The Junior Academy students engaged wholeheartedly with exercises generated as a simplified research tools into complicated ideas on identity, memory and corporal attitudes.

The students developed their findings individually and collaboratively through the various exercises which examined autobiographical storytelling, exploration of physicality, gestures, object play, soundscape, spatial awareness and visual scenic language.

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The pieces then received direction before being combined into a performance structure for their final sharing. 

We left feeling unbelievably inspired by their hard work, generosity and openness. 

Next stop is at Dublin’s Gaiety School of Acting.