I enjoy the different sounds of my pee. I call it ‘vagina’s music’
— Anonymous
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“I’m scared if I work less my partner won’t love me.”
— Anonymous

We work from the performer's curiosity about life and human behaviour. We devise original performances from what we find strange, intriguing or questionable within society. 

And so: for Carroll: Berserkur we asked our audience and creatives what sort of restrictions they experienced in their lives, what sort of things they don't share as they're considered taboo or socially unacceptable.


We will be posting these treasured findings on our social media through a series of illustrations by Sólveig Eva through the hashtag #MyTaboo, as we're reaching the end of our #EvropaUngaFolksins Research and Development period.  What's your confession? Submit anonymously and you might find it featured as an illustration.

I used to put lemon juice on my face in hope to get rid of my ugly freckles.
— Anonymous
I shower in my underwear.
— Anonymous