We are extremely happy and inspired after our workshop week at the Norsk Skuespillersenter in Oslo. Meeting new performers with new ideas, qualities and attitudes gives us a push to new directions, unknown before each experience.

We are excited to publish our new video about The Performer and the Self workshop, accompanied with our commentary and reflection on the workshop and the Spindrift Ethos.


– Anna Korolainen


As we are researching and preparing for our trip to Oslo, we thought we'd share this inspiration and reminder for the performer to dare to relax, trust, soften and explore the gentler parts of the his/her nature.

[The actor] feels lost without the tension on which he has relied, because this tension was part of his emotional make-up and his way of committing himself to an audience, and perhaps of convincing himself.

Tensions and limitations always come from a lack of trust in yourself: either you are over-anxious to communicate or to present an image, or you want to convince an audience of something about yourself.

An actor has to find what means he can rely on to communicate to his audience, that is part of the craft, but if he holds on to the same means to find his energy and truth he then becomes predictable. He fixes, and what started as something which was good can end so easily as a manner - the same way of dealing with a situation. An actor with an interesting voice who uses it well can still end up with his audience knowing how he is going to sound, so there is no surprise. This has a lot to do with lack of trust, because it takes trust to start each part with a clean slate, as it were - in other words, with no preconceived ideas of how it should sound, no holding on to the voice that you know.

It is only by being in a state of readiness that the voice will be liberated.

It takes time to believe that freedom works.
— Cicely Berry, Voice and the Actor

Have a great weekend!

- Sóla Eva


Preparing tomorrow's workshop The Performer and the Self for Acting students of: Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin Institute of Technology, Bull Alley and Inchicore College.