Markus originally graduated as a dramaturge from Bretton Hall College in 2004 and has been doing all kinds of stuff in the field of performing arts since. Most recently he has been making lighting and video design with physical theatre company Teatteri Metamorfoosi and is a member of Mad House Helsinki collective, a production house of sorts for experimenting performance art. He also is a father of a two-year old daughter who just learned to speak. He can tell you that that stuff is just crazy, a speaking little copy of yourself, a little monkey climbing all over the place. It is also fun and gives a lot of meaning to your life.

Markus also likes stuff like “17776”, also known as “What Football Will Look Like in the Future”, he recommends you to really check it out, its a sci-fi multimedia narrative you can read online. It really made the day he accidentally stumbled upon it. Nothing to do with this Them project he's involved in, but you really should check it out. Its the bomb.