We are focusing on the creation of a feminist training practice, where the whole range of voice and movement qualities is explored with no value judgment, because we believe that the entire human body has theatrical potential.

Each performer’s individuality should be embraced and respected, and training must adapt accordingly.

We emphasise that the whole human instrument has to be explored and played, as actors need to present the whole spectrum of human existence.


Our workshops have investigated physical and autobiographical storytelling, exploring the performer's Self through movement and sound, and solo devising. We encourage participants to play with different and previously hidden aspects of their identity and physical qualities.

The workshop The Performer and the Self explores the simultaneous development of space and character - questioning how the performer can bring their character to the space through working with objects, architecture and transforming materials to further character building. The Red Pill was created in reaction to the MeToo movement to explore physically through storytelling specific themes of harassment and inequality.


We are always developing new training exercises and adapting our workshops.

We believe the best way to continuously growth is through listening, experimentation and collaboration with a wide variety of artists.

If you are interested in bringing our training to your students or have any questions, feel free to contact us at: for further information.