Workshop Structure

"The Performer and the Self"

We offer our workshops as one off training days, as well as three-day and and five-day devising workshops with a performance outcome. We tailor the work according to each institution and community's needs, because we wish our training to have a direct impact on the artists' current work.

Day 1

Exercises focused on autobiographical character creation and storytelling. Devising a scene from yourself. Relating your discoveries to the work/play in hand

10:05 Introduction
10:20 Physical Warm up
10:40 Vocal Warm up
10:55 Illustrated Self-perception


12:20 Tuning In
12:30 Projected Identity
13:00 Mirror Self
13:45 Rejected Identity
14:15 Object work
14:50 Discussing what we the day's findings and introducing the idea of taboos. What sort of taboos do we have, have had, or are curious about?

Day 2

Connection and Partner work. Working with space and sensations. 

10:00 Gathering together and going through the structure of the day
10:05 Warm-up
10:25 Vocal Warm-up
10:40 Objective Subjective
11:30 Embodying feminine & masculine


12.45 Singing and Soundscaping
13:20 Extended chorus work
14:00 Object and Character work
14:40 Discussing the character findings since day 1

Day 3

Devising, Directing and Showing.

10:05 Warm up
10:25 Vocal warm-up
10:40 Combining characteristics from favorite findings
11:20  Devising character scenes


12:20 Organizing the scenes into one ‘piece’
13:00 Final tweaking
13:45 Showing
14:30 Q&A, de-brief and get-out